Orientation Puzzles

Edge Matching Puzzles



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Bali Buttons


Color Matcher


It's Knot Easy

Color Match




Drive Ya Nuts


Drive Ya Nuts

* Travel


Escher Cube

Force Field

Four Cubes Puzzle

* Impossible Puzzle series

Fun Flower


Gear Up

Puzzle Palace

H.P. Puzzle 3




Inside Out

Instant Indecision


Instant Insanity

Instant Insanity

* Version 2

Instant Insanity

LMD Grey Tiles

Magic Jack


Mirage Arrows


Mirage Dice


Mirage Numbers


Mobius Line


Mobius Blue

Octa Cube


On The Level


The Path


Perfect Circle

Peter's Black Hole


Rectangle Tangle


RGB Color Tiles

RGB Round-up

Rubik's Tangle

Tantalizing 10



Think Ominos


Unknown #9

Unknown #10


Walk Up


*= Solution at the bottom of the page.

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* Solutions:  If you find a solution useful, let me know on the feedback page. This will help determine what solutions I work on next. If you're looking for a puzzle solution not shown, I may have it but not posted. If I get requests for the same or similar puzzles, I will try to work on them.

Bali Buttons Solution

Color Matcher Solution

Color Match Solution

The Path Solution

Damblocks Solution

Drive Ya Nuts Solution

Drive Ya Nuts Travel

Same as Blue

Flower Puzzle Solution

Four Cubes Solution

Hex Magnetic Puzzle Solution

HP Puzzle III Solution

Instant Indecision Solution

Instant Insanity Solution


Magic Jack Solution


Mirage Arrows Solution


Mirage Arrows Solution


Mirage Dice Solution

Mirage Numbers Solution

Each side must = 11

Mobius Line Solution


Octa Cube Solution

On The Level Solution

Rectangle Tangle Solution

Rubik's Tangle Solution

Tantalizing 10 Solution

Each side must = 10

Think Ominos Solution

Unknown #10 Solution