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Miscellaneous Puzzles

*= Solution at the bottom of the page.




Elect. & FoamFoldingMazesMisc.OrientationPackingRubikSequential Movem'tSoma & TangramTav'n-Disentanglm'tTIA - PITUnknown


8 Blocks Patchwork

K Puzzle

ABC Puzzle

Bermuda Triangle

Black Puzzle Box

Brick by Brick

Coaster Puzzles

Diamond Rainbow





IQ Fantasy

KO Labyrinth

Twisty Rubik type

3d Maze

Life Savers Puzzle

* Wild Cherry PepOmint WintOgreen

Magnetic Globe

Matt Silver on Silver

Magnetic Puzzle Globe

Blue and Silver


Secret Dice

T Puzzle

Tiny Jigsaw Tigers

2" x 3"

Tiny Jigsaw Kitten

2" x 3"

Tri Logic

Ultimate Puzzle

Waldorf Circle

Waldorf Color Circle

Waldorf Hexagon Star

Waldorf Pentagon

Waldorf Square

Waldorf Starry Night

Wood Pyramid


Have a some puzzles...have fun!

* Solutions:  If you find a solution useful, let me know on the feedback page. This will help determine what solutions I work on next. If you're looking for a puzzle solution not shown, I may have it but not posted. If I get requests for the same or similar puzzles, I will try to work on them.



LifeSavers Puzzle