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These are images that I created from data obtained from the Hubble Space Telescope archives. See Favorite Links below for addresses.

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My Puzzle Collection

Notes on Wavelengths:

Some of the images have wavelength data on them in nanometers (nm). 1nm=10Angstroms. I started noting it on the images after several months of image processing. Emission lines are:

375nm=OII 631nm=OI
437nm=OIII 656nm=Ha
469nm=HeII 658nm=NII
487nm=HB 673nm=SII
My puzzles... They're everywhere. I have a lot of brain teaser puzzles is an understatement.. Most (90%) of them are here. The other 10% still need to be located and photographed. All of the puzzle images are by me and are in my collection.

My Hubble Photo Album

Feedback  Questions or Comments? Drop me a note on the feedback page.

MountainsAll images are by Judy Wyckoff (me) derived from data from the archives at STScI. These images are copyrighted.  All Rights Reserved. Please respect this and remember borrowing, editing and publishing as your own is stealing. Star Gemstones

Photos of gems in my collection: Star Sapphires, Star Diopside, Star Chrysoberyl, Star Garnet, Star Quartz, Star Sillimanite, Star Spinel and many others.




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